About TGT Custom

TGT Custom Works was founded on the principle that bus and truck parts should be made with quality materials and built to last. Tom Tessier, the owner and founder, spent most of his life working as a mechanic and had been replacing broken or dysfunctional parts with new, but poorly constructed parts that he knew from experience simply wouldn’t last. At TGT, we take great pride in engineering quality hand crafted products that are not only practical, but are a cost effective, lasting solution in lieu of poorly constructed mechanical parts.

In late 2020, the Custom Laser Division was launched, serving as a catalyst into the evolution of the company TGT is today: your leaders in solutions-based innovation. While we are proud to offer a diverse span of customary designs including bus and truck parts, custom builds, and a range of works of art. Offering finely-tuned automotive solutions, whether they exist in the market yet or not, has truly become an exciting and challenging passion of ours.

It’s time to change the way the world of commercial vehicles defines “problem solved”!

Meet Our Team

Tom Tessier

Owner & Founder

The brains and brawn behind TGT Custom Works!

Tom founded TGT Custom Works in 2015 after working most of his life as a mechanic. Highly skilled in his craft, Tom has always had a knack and passion for fixing mechanical things and finding out-of-the-box solutions to everyday problems and inconveniences.

The Early Days…

Tom’s neighbor had radio control planes, which he would watch fly around his street, fascinated by them. Then, in 1995 when Tom was invited to go watch them fly at an event, he saw an ultralight airplane make its way into the mix and after going for a ride in it he decided he loved it so much, he became the proud owner of his very own ultralight before he left. Receiving minimal hands-on coaching, Tom was flying that airplane on his own within weeks! Fast forward a few years, Tom obtained a private pilot’s license, was issued a maintenance certificate by the FAA to maintain his aircraft, and finally in 1997, he completed building his very own airplane and hasn’t kept his feet on the ground for too long ever since.

Now, Tom and his wife live in Wisconsin with their 2 dogs, Rusty and Bella, along with their pet duck, Jimmy. When he is not crafting, maintaining, or building, Tom especially enjoys taking his Polaris Razr into any rugged terrain he can find.

“If you didn’t bring it back broke, you didn’t ride it hard enough”

Tom Tessier

Owner and Founder

Alex Vorwald

Business Development Manager

The bus lady behind the emails!

Alex has a degree and background in human resources and has been with TGT Custom Works since early 2020, being new to the transportation industry in her role as General Manager/Business Development Manager. She brings a foundation of knowledge, adds a creative edge to the shop, and has passionately immersed herself into the world of public transportation since taking on her duties here. To some, she is known as the lady behind the emails, but you can find her presence in our social media and YouTube videos as well!

When Alex isn’t talking bus stuff at work, she enjoys spending time with her 3 children, renovating her home, powerlifting, traveling, and exploring the great outdoors.


Production Team Member

Steady plow horse, silent hero



Production Team Member

Newbie, comedic presence



Video Creator

Hollywood, but camera shy


Looking for a Custom Bus Part?

TGT offers practical, cost effective and lasting solutions for mechanical parts that are poorly designed or just don’t last.